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Sealing Strips and Electrical Connector Gaskets from Resin Designs, LLC

Geltek Sealing Strip from Resin Designs
Resin Designs GT-1000 Sealing Strip Showing Release Liners Peeled Back To Reveal The Silicone In Blue
Silicone sealing strips from Resin Designs are primarily used for protection against moisture and corrosion. They are also very effective for noise and vibration control. Soft and flexible, they are solid materials that are almost liquid-like in how they interact with other materials, forming very tenacious seals. Typical applications include gaskets for underwater control modules, LED and other lighting housings, aircraft seals around doors, telecommunications modules (including underground), medical devices, and automotive control modules.
GT-1000 Series - The original, most widely used seal materials. All are light blue and available in thicknesses from 0.03" to 0.17" (0.8 - 4.3 mm). GT-1000 is the straightforward, unadorned product. GT-1010 adds a Teflon® PTFE layer to one side, GT-1020 adds a rubber layer to one side, and GT-1030 adds a foam layer to one side.
GT-1600 Series - This is a flame retardant version of the GT-1000 series. These products are dark gray and thickness availability is the same. Variants are the same as well. GT-1610 has Teflon® PTFE, GT-1620 has rubber on it, and GT-1630 has a foam layer.
GT-1700 Series - These products contain a fiberglass mesh carrier to provide in-plane stability and prevent stretching. GT-1700 is tacky on both sides and GT-1720 is tacky on one side only. Thickness availability is 0.5 to 1.8 mm (0.02 - 0.07").

Connector Seal Grommets

Geltek Connector Seal from Resin Designs
Resin Designs GT-6201 Connector Seal Grommet, 4.6 mm Thick
GT-4201 and GT-4601 Connector Seals
These two products differ only in hardness. They are used as die-cut parts that are inserted into connector shells. Only the outer perimeter is die cut, pin through-holes are not necessary. Connector pins are readily pushed right through the grommet and the silicone wraps itself tightly around the pin, forming a very effective environmental seal. Pins can also be removed and reinserted, the seal self repairing to form a solid material again. A significant advantage is that only one grommet size is needed for multiple pin configurations. Thickness availability is 1.5 to 4.8 mm (0.06 - 0.19 inches).

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