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Shielding and Grounding Gaskets from Resin Designs, LLC

Resin Designs Shielding Gaskets are made of Monel nickel-copper alloy wire mesh embedded in a silicone gel, thus combining highly effective electrical shielding along with environmental sealing. They are available as flat sheets either 0.026" or 0.044" (0.7 or 1.1 mm) thick or rope from 0.063" to 0.25" (1.6 to 6.4 mm) in diameter. Applications range from aircraft components to telecommunications and medical devices.

Resin Designs Grounding Gaskets are made of aluminum wire cloth embedded in a silicone gel. They are provided as sheets or custom cut gaskets that are 0.032" (0.8 mm) thick. Primarily used for antenna grounding, many standard antenna patterns are readily available.
EMI-TGSI-M2 Shielding Pad, Silicone, 0.026" thick
EMI-FS-M2 Shielding Pad, Fluorosilicone, 0.026" thick
EMI-TGSI-M5 Shielding Pad, Silicone, 0.044" thick
EMI-FS-M5 Shielding Pad, Fluorosilicone, 0.044" thick
EMI-CSI-M3 Shielding Rope, Silicone, 0.063" to 0.25" Diameter
GND-FS-A1 Grounding Pad, Fluorosilicone, 0.032" thick

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