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Robotic Assembly Systems

Desktop robots enable cost-effective and scalable transition from hand assembly to machine assembly. Whether a development lab seeking greater precision or a manufacturing line needing greater efficiency, these machines provide an easy introduction to robotics that will enable production for many, many years.

Our supplier, RoboReps, manufactures custom systems that deliver one or more functions specific to the need. Typical functions include:
  • Dispense liquids
  • Pick-and-place components
  • Inspection and alignment
  • Kitting
  • Screw tightening
Desktop Robot from RoboReps
The base machines are made by DST Robot in South Korea (formerly Dasa Robot), a highly respected manufacturer supplying robots to leading companies around the world. They are built of heavy extruded aluminum designed for high rigidity and stability. Accuracy, speed, and reliability are second to none.

All desktop robots include IM-Σ software for complete control with a Windows PC. An optional teach pendant is available separately.

The following video shows operation of a RoboReps system that integrates multiple functions in building up a structure containing eight substrates interconnected with silver epoxy dots along with automatically placed connectors and spacers. While the speed has been slowed to make it easier to see what's happening, the different functions still go by quickly. Here's what you should see:
  • Image capture of randomly placed substrate on source area, calculating position and skew
  • Vacuum pickup of substrate and placement on straightening fixture
  • Pickup of oriented substrate and placement on assembly base
  • Laser scan of substrate to determine height for dispensing (since this will be repeated seven times as the structure grows)
  • Dispense 45 dots of conductive epoxy
  • Image capture of connector on source area, calculating position and skew
  • Vacuum pickup of connector and placement in straightening fixture
  • Pick and place connector on substrate
  • Pick and place four spacers
  • Repeat cycle with new substrate six more times, finishing with eighth substrate on top (not shown to save time)
In addition to desktop robot systems, RoboReps makes larger systems using Cartesian linear or Scara rotational building blocks. Combining superb software programming and machining capabilities, we provide turnkey systems ready to use. Let us know your needs with the simple form below. We'll consult with you and provide a quote.

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