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Liquid Adhesives from Resin Designs, LLC

Liquid adhesives provide a wide range of performance characteristics and assembly process variations. Some are provided as two separate materials that must be mixed prior to use. The advantage is that they can be stored at room temperature, and after mixing, can be cured at room temperature. The one-part materials don't require additional mixing, but some require cold storage and curing is accomplished by heating and/or exposure to UV light and/or moisture. Preferred products can be found for bonding most any material, including metals, ceramics, glasses, wood, and plastics.

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Bonding, Potting, Encapsulating Adhesives

The adhesives listed here are used for bonding materials together or sealing components with a protective layer. All can be used in electronic assembly applications and many of the clear ones are used in optical applications such as LED lighting or displays. If properties or features in this list don't match your requirements, let us know and we likely have another product in our library that will do the job.
Product Chemistry Cure Process Shore Hardness Features
021906-1T Epoxy RT D60 High thermal conductivity encapsulant (alumina filled) protects power electronics.
060810-NVS Epoxy RT D46 Long work life adhesive bonds well to glass, metal, many plastics and is highly resistant to water / alcohol.
062111 Epoxy RT D55 All-around adhesive similar to 121807, but with lower hardness.
100207-1 Epoxy RT D70 Encapsulant for electronic devices that meets flammability standard UL94 V-0.
102309-1 Epoxy Heat D83 One-part adhesive / encapsulant cures in ten minutes at 125°C. It features high dielectric strength and low water absorption.
121807 Epoxy RT D78 Excellent all-around structural adhesive and encapsulant that features a long work life and convenient 1:1 mix ratio.
84251 Epoxy RT D80 High performance general purpose adhesive and encapsulant.
86011 Epoxy UV D80 Fast cure epoxy with exposure to UV light.
86211 Epoxy Hybrid D60 Softer, more flexible adhesive / encapsulant that can be gelled quickly with UV light and then fully cured at room temperature.
86251 Epoxy Hybrid D80 High performance general purpose adhesive similar to 84251 and with added feature of fast gelling under UV light.
87107 Epoxy RT D85 Very hard adhesive / encapsulant deigned for applications needing high impact resistance.
87127 Epoxy Heat D84 One part adhesive cures in less than one minute at 85°C and has long 8 hour work life.
87133 Epoxy Heat D83 One part adhesive / encapsulant comparable to 102309-1, but with lower viscosity.
104-24 Polyurethane RT A45 Tough, flexible potting material has excellent moisture resistance and long work life.
53051 Polyurethane RT D75 Clear, non-yellowing, hard encapsulant originally developed for protecting LED lights. Excellent adhesive for many plastics.
53061 Polyurethane RT A77 Clear, non-yellowing, soft encapsulant originally developed for protecting LED lights.
70501 Urethane Acrylate UV A25 Clear interface adhesive designed for bonding touch screen to liquid crystal display (LCD).
76011 Polyurethane Hybrid D50 Dual cure adhesive enables high speed bonding to nylon and other plastics. Initial set with UV light fixes components in place and subsequent moisture cure produces reliable bond.
71141 Urethane Acrylate UV D45 Superior adhesive for bonding PET and other plastics, notably clamshell packaging.
71151 Acrylate UV D60 Clear, non-yellowing encapsulant well suited for LED applications.
71201 Acrylate UV D65 General purpose encapsulant that bonds well to many materials.

Bonding + Electrical Conductivity

The adhesives listed below all contain silver for providing electrical conductivity. They are most commonly used for assembling electronics, primarily die or component attach.
Product # of Parts Mixed Viscosity (cps) Minimum Cure
Temperature (°C)
052607 1 500,000 100 One part conductive epoxy readily dispensable for component attach. Cures in 30 minutes at 100°C.
082108-2LC 2 Paste RT Conductive epoxy that can be stored at room temperature. Supplied in burst packs for easy mixing.
84110 2 14,000 85 This silver filled conductive epoxy cures in 30 seconds at 85°C. Supplied in burst packs and with room temperature storage capability, it is well suited for field repair applications.
092810 2 Paste RT More flexible conductive epoxy with a Shore hardness of D40.
E8074 1 250 150 Specifically designed for use in the Optomec Aerosol Jet® dispense system, this nanoparticle silver epoxy enables both trace formation and die attach with very small feature sizes.

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